George Club

by George Club

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released September 14, 2013

George Club is:

Brian Brough (drums, keys, backing vocals)
Mike Clark (guitar, backing vocals)
Allister Kellaway (guitar, lead vocals)
Eric Wollersberger (bass, backing vocals)

All music performed and arranged by George Club. All lyrics by Allister Kellaway except for track 2, which was written by Allister Kellaway and Brian Brough.

Engineered and mixed by Scott Wild at Troubadour Studios, Falmouth, Cornwall, April to September 2013.

Cover star: Toby Berkeley. Photo by Jack Eden.

The songs performed on this album would not be as they are without the invaluable musical contributions of Harry Thurston and Jack Wolter.

George Club would like to thank the following people for their support: Ray Wild, Matt Tate, Chris Gray, Rick Rogers, Johny Lamb, Ash Hampson, Jack Eden, Guy Clarke, Sid Coppi, Frank Pellow, Sam Stacpoole, Jake Willbourne, Jim Sibley, Josh Spencer-Fletcher, Andrew Whetter, Oli Mason, Luke Davis, Polly Lindsay, Toby Berkeley, Chris Barrett, Dave Tate, Rob Heath, James Barrett, Julie Kavanagh, Wilf Petherbridge, Kat Ratkin, Adam Loveday-Edwards, Max Jacomb, Henry Nicholson, Helena Lewis, Tom Unsted, Ollie Renouf-Donaldson, Alistair Dunn, Leah Jensen, Andy Kelly, Ian 'Wiggy' Watkins, Alice Chalk, Louis Crump, Joe Johnston, Maj Lamlum, Charlie Hawley, and Graham McHale.

If your name is not on this list and you think it should be, please hesitate to get in touch.



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George Club Falmouth, UK

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Track Name: Jackets, Ties & Top Hats
What's that on the horizon? Jackets, ties and top hats. Stood shoulder to shoulder, pouring into your front door. I sit and watch the daybreak. I survey everything. Will take on all and sundry. Won't ever let them in. Who dares to walk on this border? Who has the key? I'm caught, I'm found out. Lock me up to be alone. They creep up through my window, crawl through my cellar door. Bribe all my friends and family. Tripwires on every floor. Please, just leave me alone. I'm innocent.
Track Name: Parody of Life
Rattle in your cage, rattle in your cage. Reach out with your claws. Shovel in the brain. Always be afraid. Always be afraid. Run into the road. Run into the sea. Breathe in all the water, Breathe in all of me. Fall into the earth.
Track Name: Model Citizen
If I'd seen the northern lights then maybe I'd be a better lover. If I'd seen the northern lights then maybe I'd be a better writer. If I'd given up my dreams I'd probably be more intelligent. If I'd given up my dreams I'd probably be a better brother.

Well who would want to prove themselves in order to be someone else? And it doesn't mean that cos I regret that I want to be a model citizen.

If I'd learned to show respect well then I guess I'd be respected. If I'd learned to stand my ground perhaps this town would treat me better. If I'd been an optimist well then I guess I'd be more satisfied. If I'd been a pessimist well then I guess I'd be more satisfied.
Track Name: The River
Who's seeing faces? Who saw them looking through a skull to find there's nothing there? He's lost his mind he cannot find it anywhere. Who's hearing water? Who heard it whisper words that mean to rise above the earth to take back all the vermin that has harmed her?

Come give your flesh to the river, come and give your soul. Jump in, dissolve in the river, it will carry you home.

Who felt it's breath? Who here could induce such a coma, one that paralyses happiness and cripples what makes us fearless? Who's tasted blood? Who's seeing red? Who's sees through bloodshot eyes that see through all our lies that keep us tame and keep us blind?
Track Name: Worm
Worms in my hair, they know how to multiply. They live to breed and die. Worms in my head laying eggs inside. Off to practice, off to riverside. In the garage find the sunday times. It's a shame that we don't grow up twice. Sexless liar, naked in the night. Be creative, time to run and hide.
Worms in my head laying eggs inside.
Track Name: Sticks & Stones
Teach me, teach me to be a better man, make me do things that no-one else can, break my skull and shatter my hand. Break my skull and shatter my hand.
Break me, chew up all of my memories, eat the anger and the jealousy, choke on fear and anxiety. Choke on fear and anxiety.

What are you made of?
Pieces from a factory, pieces of stationary, pieces of cogs and springs.

Kill me, trust your instincts turn off the light, break of dawn here comes the new fight, morning never looked so bright. Morning never looked so bright.
Turn, turn away just look back at me, your my only friend don't you see? I'd be pure and I'd be free. I'd be pure and I'd be free.